What's happening at eds 2017?

The Symposium will feature three panels with speakers from across industries, sectors, and geographies.

  Advocating and Empowering

Philip Weinberg: President & CEO, STRIVE

Joanna Pucci: Director of Strategic Initiatives, the Robin Hood Foundation

Jackson Bird: Communications Director at the Harry Potter Alliance

Funding and Financing

John Beckham: Chief of Strategy, MicroVest Capital Management, LLC

fawzia naqvi: vice president, soros economic development fund

Kathleen Yaworksy: Kathleen Yaworsky, Global Manager, Digital Solutions Accion

 Convening and Advising

Ilze Melngailis - Senior Director, Global Partnerships, UN Foundation

Victor Padilla - Project Lead, World Economic Forum

Kim Kicenuik – Vice President, CCS Fundraising